Sustainability and Environment

Upon its completion in 2010, IC2 was one of the first buildings in Liverpool awarded with an ‘Excellent’ rating by BREEAM. Furthermore, IC1 and IC3 have achieved ‘Very Good’ ratings, demonstrating our commitment to deliver sustainable and environmentally-conscientious facilities.

We have achieved these high marks through utilising energy-efficient building services, using sustainable materials, and installing ‘Outstanding’ Mitsubishi air-conditioning units throughout the Park. Furthermore, we actively sought to use renewable energy sources within the fabric of the buildingsĀ during their completion.

Waste Disposal and Carbon Neutrality

LSP is committed to continually seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing the quantity of energy we consume. We also strive to minimise the quantity of waste generated from across our site.

It is this ethos which lay behind the appointment of the award-winning Bagnall and Morris, a local company who deliver an extremely reliable, carbon-neutral, recycling-led, waste disposal service and who are actively working towards achieving a zero-landfill policy.

Sustainable Transport Use

With a relatively small staff and both buildings located within 100 metres of one another, emissions created due to our own direct activities are relatively small scale. In an effort to encourage sustainable transport choices amongst our own staff and tenants, LSP provides complimentary bicycle storage, showering and changing facilities in both IC1 and IC2. There is also a wide-range of local public transport options which operate within walking distance of the Park.