The University of Liverpool looks to support the business community, in a whole host of ways.

As part of this on-going commitment, they can offer companies the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and skills, of a University of Liverpool PGR student.

As part of their ongoing personal development, PGR Students are expected to secure a 15 day placement, where they can utilise their  insight, specialist research, knowledge, personal attributes and prior experience, within the workplace environment.

Placements can be consecutive or spread out over a number of months so they are well suited to a defined piece of work.

Because this commitment forms part of fulfilling their research requirements, there is no cost to companies participating.

If you would like more information as to how your company could benefit from a PGR Student, then please make contact with Lola Brocklesby, Placements Project Officer, Liverpool Doctoral College, University of Liverpool Tel: 0151-795-7357.

Liverpool Doctoral College