Chief Executive’s Welcome

IMG_6291Hello there, I’m Chris Musson, the chief executive here at Liverpool Science Park.

I am responsible to the Park’s Board of Directors for setting and delivering the strategy that has progressively advanced Liverpool Science Park as a key player in developing the Knowledge Economy, both in Liverpool and within the North West, which is something now recognised by our peers nationally. The Park is already home to over 60 companies with over 600 employees across a broad cross-section of knowledge-rich skill sets.

The philosophy behind Liverpool Science Park is all about connectivity, both on a social and professional level. The equipment and connections available within its boundaries make it an excellent place to find business support and to expand operations. In addition, the Park’s connections with its two University owners, private businesses, hospitals and other facilities provide its tenants with first-class links that can be found nowhere else in the city. In short, Liverpool Science Park is The Connected Park.

I’m delighted to introduce to you the skilled and experienced team of individuals who represent the Finance and Operations functions and work seamlessly together to run the Park and provide support to our tenants. Carol Green is the Finance Manager and leads on all strategic financial aspects of the business. She is directly assisted by Emma O’Hara who, as Finance Officer is supported by James Speirs and David Stoddern; the two financial assistants who are responsible for the efficient running of the sales and purchase ledgers.

The Operations Team is headed by Leanne Katsande and Philippa Lee who, assisted directly by Claire Smith and George Barclay, manage and co-ordinate strategic operations across the Park. The eight-strong operations support team, made up of John Cain, Laura Connolly, Melissa Berry, Georgia Clay, George Grey, Michelle McCarthy and Moya Rooney ensure day to day operations run smoothly and the diverse requirements of our large tenant community are met.

Best wishes,