Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Liverpool Science Park?

LSP is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, which operates on a fully commercial basis. We are owned by the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council.

How does LSP operate as a not for profit company?

Any profits made by LSP are not returned to our owners by way of dividend. Instead, our profits are used to further the aims of LSP.

How much space does LSP house?

We currently cover over 120,000 square feet of Grade A office accommodation and laboratory space spanning across two purpose built buildings. Our newest space, a 40,000 square foot wing of ic1, officially opened in March 2014 and houses ten commercial laboratories along with five new meeting rooms orientated to suit different needs.

What type of space is available at LSP?

At LSP, we are able to offer office units which vary to accommodate one workstation and upwards depending on our tenant’s needs. All of our non-load bearing walls in the Park are made of solid and modern demountable partitions in order to allow our tenants to be flexible with their space, ensuring that disruption is as minimal as possible whilst their companies evolve. We have designed our units to be blank canvases and our flexible tenancy terms allow tenants to create the optimal working environment for their individual business requirements.

We also offer containment level two laboratories which vary in size upwards to 635 square feet with additional adjoining suites. All labs come fully fitted with benches and a fume hood as standard with the same specification. Furthermore, they all have access to LSP’s communal wash up suite complete with fume hood, autoclave, Reverse Osmosis water supply, dishwasher, drying cabinet, and ice machine.

What can LSP offer for start-up companies?

LSP has a diverse range of options which are suitable for young companies. These range from virtual tenancies to hot desks and Starter Pods through to small and fully furnished traditional office space.

How long can you lease space for at LSP?

All of our agreements vary in line with the individual requirements of our tenants. Currently, tenancies range from anything as short as 3 months to as long as a decade.

How quickly can a tenancy be agreed and occupation arranged?

As our management team is based on site, we aim to process a tenancy agreement and provide access to a fit for purpose, ICT-ready suite within 72 hours of receiving the signed agreement back from the prospective tenant.

Which LSP building would best suit my company?

Our two buildings, compromising of 120,000 square feet, are located within 100 metres of each other. They both carry individual characteristics whilst simultaneously carrying the same Grade A specification and distinct LSP ethos. The same access to the facilities and service which all of our tenants benefit from can be found in either building.

We always offer tours of both buildings to our prospective tenants to try and ascertain where they would most feel at home.

What restrictions are in place to the type of companies based at LSP?

LSP has stringent entry requirements for prospective tenants to ensure that tenancy is limited to knowledge based companies, companies which have links to either of UoL’s or LJMU’s Research and Development base, and businesses which provide professional support to the above. We ask all our potential tenants to explain how they meet these criteria in order to maintain our strong reputation as a leading Science Park.

What type of companies are based at LSP?

We are proud of how diverse our tenants can be with companies ranging from operating in the Biomedical Sciences to Advanced Engineering and Materials, from IT and Digital Services, to professional ancillary companies.

How many employees does LSP have?

The Park is managed and maintained by a team of fourteen staff members, based on site on a full-time basis. These include our Chief Executive, an Operations Team tasked with the daily running of the Park, and a Finance Team who manage the financial and accounting side of LSP.

How many companies call LSP their home?

Currently, we have sixty-four organisations occupying space across the Park.

What on-site facilities are available to LSP’s tenants?

LSP is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and provides a fully-serviced offering to its tenants. In addition, it offers links to UoL’s and LJMU’s R&D facilities, free meeting rooms, market-leading IT facilities, and communal space to relax, eat and drink in.

Which internet and telecommunications provider do LSP use?

LSP is connected to a primary fibre circuit which has the capacity to accommodate combined speeds of 1 Gbps. Furthermore, we have a secondary 10 Mbps Ethernet copper backup circuit which provides us with an extremely robust infrastructure.

Our exhaustive IT infrastructure is managed remotely through the industry-leading company essensys. They provide our tenants with resilient, multi-tiered and scalable IT offerings specifically designed for commercial use. Tenants also benefit from access to essensys’s highly-skilled and professional support team of engineers who quickly react to the high priority service level agreement which LSP has in place to progress requests and remedy any potential issues. Telephone line rental and access to the guest Wi-Fi network is included as standard in LSP’s service charge

How close is LSP to the UoL and LJMU?

We are within a few minutes’ walk from the main campuses of both universities. We are next door to both LJMU’s ‘John Lennon’ and ‘John Redmond’ buildings and IC2 is less than a minutes walk from UoL’s ‘Victoria Building’ (the world’s first Red-Brick university building).

How strong are LSP’s public transport links?

With the city-centre only several minutes’ walk from the Park, we have excellent links to Liverpool’s major transport links including the national train network and the numerous bus routes. For more information, see transport links.

What parking facilities can LSP’s tenants offer to its clients?

LSP is fortunate enough to be able to offer visitors access to five on-site parking bays which can be booked in two hour slots. To request these parking spaces, tenants can book through the LSP Tenant Portal which can be found at the top of our website.

Why move to Liverpool Science Park?

Our combination of exceptional accommodation, flexible agreements, the environment to grow, excellent links to R&D facilities, and an amazing urban location within the city’s Knowledge Quarter makes the Park unique in Liverpool.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.