IT and Connectivity

LSP is connected to a primary fibre circuit, which has capacity to accommodate combined speeds of 1 Gbps, as well as a secondary 100Mbps Ethernet copper backup circuit to make an extremely robust infrastructure.

LSP’s complete IT infrastructure is managed remotely through industry-leader, essensys, who provide tenants with resilient, multi-tiered and scalable IT offerings specifically for commercial use. Tenants also benefit from access to essensys’s skilled support team of engineers who react to the strict service level agreement that LSP has in place to progress requests and remedy issues.

  • Access to 100 Mbps Superfast network
  • Private dedicated bandwidth
  • Parkwide Wirelas LAN network
  • Unique Public IP Address
  • Analogue line
  • Cloud online secure back-up
  • A virtual number for tenants not based at LSP
  • Rack space leasing