Our very own Abbie Goodwin leaves the Science Park team today so we caught up with her before she goes to find out a little bit about her exciting plans for the future and her time here at LSP.

“I’m leaving to go travelling. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I finally took the plunge and booked my flights. I’m really sad to leave but also super excited to start this new adventure.

The plans are still pretty fluid but we’re travelling South East Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali, just basically anywhere where there’s a beach. Then after we’re back from there I’ll see where else takes my fancy, I’ve always wanted to go to South America so hopefully that will happen at some point.

There’s quite a few things I’ve really enjoyed about working at LSP. I’ve enjoyed all the new skills I’ve learnt working here – from learning about how a busy Science Park works and doing maintenance checks, to setting up a company’s IT services to fit specifically to their needs. I’ve also loved getting to know all of the tenants from the different companies that work here – it’s such a social job and you meet so many people! Most of all though I’ve loved being part of the LSP team, we all work so well together and everyone is always on hand to help out and make sure the work gets done! Also it’s such a lovely atmosphere and so much fun, I’ll really miss them!”

I’m sure that you’ll join us in thanking Abbie for her time here at LSP. She has been an integral part of our team since her arrival in 2016 and will be thoroughly-missed by all of us here at Liverpool Science Park (and no doubt all of our tenants!) We wish Abbie the best of luck in the future and look forward to hearing all about her incredible adventure when she’s back in Liverpool!