I always feel a slight charlatan when I look at the innovation and technology employed by my tenants and then consider how we can possibly compare ourselves to that.  After all, we are just a property business when all is said and done, aren’t we?

At the basest level, as long as we sort out the hygiene factors, empty the bins and clean the toilets, that is what a landlord does.   And yet, I also know that it is the services my team provides to our tenants, which help them succeed in any number of ways.  Indeed, it is only when speaking to tenants from other facilities, who respond so positively to what we do offer, that I realise the LSP offer is different, and at risk of being boastful, better.

I know that LSP has the most flexible offer in this or any other city.  This probably explains why 40% of our 65 tenants have expanded in situ over their tenancy.  Companies can move from our hot desk offer, through to starter pods, through to our innovation centre and then into separate offices.  Indeed, one of our companies has taken a whole floor and dispensed with the corridor.  Very few of our walls are sacrosanct.  Equally, our range of leases and licences are sufficiently flexible to accommodate all variations, whilst our range of free meeting rooms is only a click away.

In terms of IT, we have always striven to provide our tenants with leading edge flexibility, resilience and speed, at market leading prices.  Tenants rightly also expect us to de-risk their activities so that they are not stuck with a pipe dragged in from a telephony provider and three years of fixed costs whatever the future holds.  This is why I was delighted that our existing IT and telephony provider, Essensys, won our recent tender to continue to provide these services for the next three years.  Not for nothing have they been voted the best IT and telephony provider for the multi tenanted building sector more times than they care to remember. We now deliver the best and most flexible service, with prices for dedicated bandwidth and superfast, which I know cannot be beaten anywhere else.  Best in class and best price is a rare and winning combination.

Gratifyingly, the comment I am increasingly hearing is that it is the level of personal service tenants receive from my team which is what makes our offer really stand out.  More often than not, the person who dealt with their lease is the same person they speak to about any queries or issues they have once in situ.  Too often we hear of disembodied sales people being whistled in for that part of the deal and never being seen again.  Our finance team are also on site and always willing to discuss any issues.  Again, not a disembodied call centre where you are simply a reference number on an invoice.   Most of all, people value the continuity provided by our front and back of house teams and our regular security guards, who ensure that the building operates 24/7 and provide a professional and friendly service at all times.

Maybe this is the essence of LSP – take the Grade A office space for granted, but enjoy the quality of the staff and of your fellow tenants, to make this a place where you can grow your business.  And when we make a profit, as a not for profit company, it can, of course, only be used to improve the offer to our tenants, both current and future.