Translational Facilities

Building and growing major ‘translational’ centres which bring together university, R&D equipment, and industry to commercialise and develop innovation are the building blocks of any innovation district.

As a fully commercial facility at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter, Liverpool Science Park actively encourages collaboration and interaction with some of the vicinity’s newest complementary facilities. The relationships built between LSP and these will ultimately benefit its tenants looking to access funding, expertise and cutting-edge technology whilst offering a commercially and economically viable property offer.

Sensor City

Sensor City is a joint venture project between the UoL and LJMU. Sensor City will act as the country’s foremost hub for knowledge and experience in sensor technnology and will support high-tech businesses working on sensory systems and applications. Over the next decade, Sensor City aims to create 300 startup businesses which in turn will bring 1,000 jobs to the region. It will also offer potential collaborations between these industries and local academics. Amongst Sensor City’s facilities there will be a Technology Development Zone, an Open Innovation Lab, coaching and business mentoring areas, and access to funding. The two universities will support entrepreneurial talent, enabling the translation of innovative ideas from bench to revenue with the aim of stimulating both regional and national growth, as well as ultimately servicing an international demand.

Sensor City have made Liverpool Science Park their base of operations whilst work has been completed on their new building. As such, strong links have always been created between both organisations which will ultimately lead to collaborative and innovative projects by both LSP and Sensor City as well as both of their tenants.

Sensor City is located on Copperas Hill, a short distance from IC2, and has recently opened.

Materials Innovation Factory

A world-leading collaborative scheme from Unilever and the UoL, the Materials Innovation Factory will be a cutting-edge facility housed in the nearby UoL Campus. Combining the university’s national-leading chemistry department and Unilever’s unparallelled level of research and development, the MIF is aiming to become a global leader in computer aided materials science and discovery.

Founded in Port Sunlight, Unilever has been one of the region’s most significant exports and this new venture highlights their commitment and dedication to research and development. A strong arm of Unilever’s R&D deparment has been housed in LSP since 2014 whilst the MIF has been constructed and a strong relationship between both parties will continue once they relocate.

The 120,000 sq fr Materials Innovation Factory is due to open in the Summer of 2017 and can be found a short distance away from IC1.