We’re always conscious of our carbon footprint and look to reduce this wherever possible. Our buildings are exemplary examples of architecture, but our Innovation Centres 2 and 3 have additionally both achieved BREEAM certifications of ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ in recognition of their sustainability-focused design; a classification that benchmarks excellence in sustainability. A key part of achieving these was through ensuring the use emerging technologies and engineering processes that would maximise all possible energy efficiencies available at the time the buildings were constructed.

But our good sustainability practices don’t stop at the design stage, and our mission for continuous improvement means we are rolling out a programme of works to upgrade equipment that has reached the end of its shelf life and to replace this with more energy efficient counterparts as technology develops. What’s more, we engage with contractors who can demonstrate their commitment to our values as well as actively encourage our companies to do their bit for the environment and our natural surroundings. Core to this is our recycling-led waste disposal which we manage for all our companies; something that ensures none of our waste goes to landfill but removes the effort of our companies segregating this.

We also offer bike racks and shower facilities to encourage our team and our companies to cycle to work where possible. Wildflowers and trees have been planted across our estate, in-keeping with the local flora and fauna from the Cathedral grounds. We have installed bird boxes and even an insect house for our winged and multi-legged residents!