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Date: 23rd November 2018

dinky CAN Pop-Up at the Park

dinky CAN, Waterloo's eco-conscious eatery, will be hosting two Pop-Up shops in the Park next week.

dinky CAN is the traveling baby sister of CAN Waterloo, the eco conscious, forward thinking Cafe Bar based in Waterloo Liverpool. These guys have been open since September 2018 and have world wide press for being one off, if not the FIRST plastic free and vegan eatery in the U.K.!

Now their traveling pop up will be here at Liverpool Science Park from 27th November between 11:30am and 1:30pm. You can expect lunchtimes to get get a whole lot interesting with these guys around, like Friday Pieday- 100% vegan 100% gluten free pie and mash. You don’t have to be meat free to be a fan of these flavours. Chickpea coconut curry, pea and potato madras and Blind Scouse to name a few will be on the menu.

They will also be serving Hawaiian poke bowls, Sri Lankan Street Food, sandwich’s and fresh organic fruit.

Make sure you try them out when they are on site!