/Angel Solutions to host fundraising games night

When: Fri 20th May 2016 @ 06:00

Where: Angel Solutions Office, Liverpool Science Park, Innovation Centre One

Angel Solutions to host fundraising games night

A group of the Angel Solutions team are taking part in a midnight hike up Mount Snowdon on 25th June in order to raise money for Claire House Children’s Hospice. As part of their fundraising efforts, Angel Solutions are hosting a fun and games night, held in their marvellous circus, to help contribute to this cause.

When: 20th May

Time: 18:00

Where: Angel Solutions Offices (Third floor of Innovation Centre 1)

What’s on?

  • Star in a reasonably priced car!  Have a go at the Top Gear test track in a bang average car. Fastest lap at the end of the night wins a prize.
  • Mario Kart – An alternative competition, again fastest lap wins.
  • Card games – Alternative card games will be set up (Coup, Love Letter, Sushi Go)
  • Raffle
  • Quiz
  • Drinks & snacks

Mostly it’s just a chance to socialise with other members of the LSP community and raise vital funds for a worthwhile cause. However, as everyone knows, competitions mean prizes are to be won and of course, bragging rights over your friends!

If you are interested in attending, please contact amy.webb@angelsolutions.co.uk to reserve your spot.

There will be an entrance fee of £10 which shall go straight to the charity fund.

The above fee will buy you a strip of raffle tickets, entry into the quiz and a free go on the various competitions and time trials we set up.

For those that aren’t able to participate on the day, the Angel Team will be setting up the consoles a couple of days early for those who wanted to compete over lunch. You can also buy raffle tickets from us at any time.

You can visit Angel Solutions Just Giving page here.