/Has Liverpool Got The Media It Needs? – The Platform @ The Park

When: Wed 15th May 2019 @ 05:30

Where: The Studio

Has Liverpool Got The Media It Needs? – The Platform @ The Park

On 15 May, The Platform will be taking over the Studio for an amazing evening of talks discussing the media and how it interacts with Liverpool

Representation of Liverpool in the media & business media spend – where is best?

The majority of businesses use marketing to raise awareness for you and your brand and, for the first time, The Platform will be hosting two panels full of great and knowledgeable speakers on the cutting edge of opinion and facts. You will also be able to raise your questions on key media topics.


The Platform Team will be talking about the media representation of Liverpool and its businesses. Is it fair? What can be improved? What causes the representation? How has it changed and how will it change even further?

Speakers include the Liverpool Echo’s ‘Head of Content’ Susan Lee.


Where should we placing our media spend today? Is traditional advertising dead? Is there a preferred platform? What sort of returns should we expect?

Business Marketing – You and your brand

The Platform survey each event and the feedback has been very strong. People like the way they set the events up…… fast flowing, NEVER dull, with variety and texture and great attendees.

You can link up with attendees on the Connections Board by selecting people you’d like an introduction to.

Following a year of successful events, they will be ratcheting up your Business Marketing. There will be at least four opportunities for attendees to take part in our Interview slots, and don’t forget to bring your marketing leaflets and materials to share on the marketing tables, to help inform and educate others about your services!

Interview Slots – Minimum Two Pound donation

As part of the event, The Platform open up the floor to anyone who’d like to be interviewed for two minutes about their business and sector. These are fantastic opportunities for exposure, introductions, and understanding of your company’s service and goals. Better yet, all of the money donated goes towards The Platform’s bursary plan to support a young person into business!

You can buy your early bird tickets in advance for £12…. Or pay £15 on the door.

Passport Tickets are £10 per visit for 6 places (£60) – use when you want with extra benefits.

Tickets are available from this link.

You can follow The Platform on Twitter @theplatformLCR and Instagram @theplatformLCR

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