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Date: 22nd November 2018

Getting to Know Land. Coffee

We caught up with iC1's freshest addition, Land. Coffee, to find out a little more about what has brought them to the Park, why their coffee is so good (and let's be honest, it is!), and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Hi Lotte, thank you so much for sitting down with us. Let’s get things started by learning a little bit more about who you both are!

Land. has recently been launched by designer/artist duo Lotte Manson and Matthew Nightingale. Matt has always worked with coffee, and we both come from a creative background. We wanted to combine the two and create a coffee concept that is an extension of our personalities. Putting our hard work and enthusiasm into starting our own small business, in something we’re passionate about made sense.

So what is the concept behind Land.?

Carefully crafted, artisan coffee is the most important part of what we do. We try and deliver this in an individual way always keeping our aesthetic in mind.

I guess this extends to your coffee machine then – it is such a statement piece, how did you decide which equipment to use?

Our product is so important to us, La Marzocco machines produce the best espresso so it made sense to go for this machine. We think it looks pretty cool too!

We definitely agree with you there! Now, onto the coffee – where do you source your beans from?

We have worked really hard with our local independent coffee supplier Neighbourhood Coffee to create our own custom blend. This comes from 3 different origins and the taste has been crafted to compliment the brand.

(Origins: Brazil, Ethiopia and Columbia) Tasting notes: Sweet strawberry and creamy toffee



It’s great to see you working with another local independent on this. Let’s get technical, how do you roast the beans?

Neighbourhood roast our coffee beans, its such a lengthy process that we leave it to the roasting experts.

Leave it to the experts – that’s always been my mantra! It’s obviously a huge (and vitally important) topic at the moment so it would be good to get your thoughts on sustainability?

Sustainability is really important to us. Our coffee is traceable back to each individual farm the beans come from and we always try and source from local and independent suppliers with a similar ethos to ours. Obviously there’s ways we can improve our environmental footprint and we are working hard on this for a greener 2019.

We are also offering 20p off each coffee if you bring your own cup to cut down on waste produced from Land.

That is incredible. What else makes Land. so special?

Our customers are so important to us. We want each person to enjoy coming to get a coffee from us, we think this personal experience makes us special compared with any other coffee shop.

And I think that is definitely evident in the service you receive from the two of you. And finally, what can the Park look forward to seeing from Land. in the coming weeks?

We are looking to increase our food offering as well as a meeting catering service throughout the Park.

Please feel free to give us feedback, we are here to provide a service and if there’s anything you want to see- please ask!

Thank you Lotte and Matt, we look forward to seeing what more is to come from you both!
Land. have a residency in iC1 until Christmas-time. Not only do they serve amazing coffee, their freshly made sandwiches are absolutely delicious so definitely worth trying next time you forget your butties! Land. can be found in the iC1 reception between 8am and 2pm every weekday and don’t forget you can save 20p per drink if you bring your own cup!