/Health & Fitness for Busy People


Date: 25th February 2020

Health & Fitness for Busy People

At the turn of a new year (and now new decade), people constantly talk of their aspirations to ‘get fit’ and to generally lead healthier lifestyles. Being ‘healthy’ has become very popular in recent times, with many people dedicating their lives to fitness and personal training, giving rise to a massive boom in gym merchandise, supplements and protein snacks. This time of the year, many of us feel a sudden urge to commit ourselves to this life, buying gym clothes, attempting to eat healthy and trying hard to choose and stick to one of the thousands of ready-made workout plans which guarantees you to see results in a short period of time. However, for some people, life races past at a high speed, which makes the road to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle a challenging process. Here are some tips that will help you find more time in your tight schedule to make health a priority.

Be organised!

A really good way to focus your time on things you value, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is to make a note of everything you’d like to accomplish in your free time, whether it be watching an episode of your favourite Netflix series, or going for a run. The next step is to number them based on priority, starting at one and working your way down. Trying to get through at least one of your priorities a day (even if it’s just for 15 minutes) will help you to feel more accomplished, all whilst staying organised.


 Do your research

If you are looking to book a holiday, or simply trying to find out which restaurant has the best rating on TripAdvisor, you will definitely take a few minutes (some more than others!) to research the choice you would be most satisfied with. It just so happens that the same goes for your health! The more informed you are the better – especially when it comes to things like basic nutrition and exercise. Knowing the best ways to fuel your body and stay fit at your own pace can make a huge difference in leading a healthy lifestyle.


Get Creative

Lifting weights at your local gym is not the only way to stay fit. You could find that even your office can be the ideal place for a quick 7-minute workout, which should encourage you to get creative. Tailor your workouts to your busy schedule – what might not work for someone could be ideal for you, whether that be running up the steps at your place of work or cycling instead of using public transport or driving to work.


Learning Quick Recipes

After an awfully long day, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is slaving over the stove!  To stop you from reaching for unhealthy convenience foods, it is important to know a couple of super quick recipes which are quick to make and healthy. Chicken breast, rice and broccoli is a quick and balanced meal example, however there are plenty more out there on sites such as BBC Good Food and YouTube.

Meal prepping is also very beneficial and cost-effective but can be quite time consuming on a Sunday evening – If you are seriously thinking about losing weight though it might be something you want to try!


Quality vs Quantity

When trying to be healthy, it is down to more than simply being overly active and eating less. In this case it is important to understand that less is more! You do not always have to exercise for over an hour to benefit – once you understand this, you will be able to exercise more regularly, even when you have a very busy day. For example, some workouts only need four minutes of your time (i.e. ab workouts, kettle bell exercises).


Set Goals & Track Progress

Quite often, people make great progress and work extremely hard at being healthy – only to give up as they don’t see any physical improvements. If you don’t track your progress, how can you know what the benefits are? Setting up your own goals and effectively measuring key metrics towards them can be a massive motivator.


Here are a few examples of what you could measure:

  • Weight/ Body Fat
  • Before/ After looks
  • Amount of reps/ weight lifted
  • Time taken to complete runs (5km, 10km, etc)
  • Pace/ Time for sprints
  • V02 Max

Make Workouts a Habit

A good way to break the cycle of inconsistency when trying to exercise is to schedule workouts as if they were meetings. Force yourself to actually reserve time for your activities. By making them a regular occurrence, it will also create powerful habits – It can take up to 66 days for a habit to become fully embedded into your lifestyle, so the element of consistency is vital.



Finding the time in your busy schedule can be a challenge in itself, so it is important to be getting the most out of your workout through supersets. Super-setting can cut your exercise time in half because instead of resting between sets, you use alternative exercises to train some muscles whilst resting others and vice versa. For example, once you’d finished working out your arms, you move straight onto your stomach.



Drink More Water

As cliché as this may sound, water is essential for your skin, digestive system and circulatory system – but it also makes you feel fuller if you consume at least a glass before a meal. If you seem to find yourself yawning a lot and feeling tired during the day, it may often be because you aren’t hydrated enough!



It is a well-known fact that maintaining optimum sleep levels (7-8 hours) can significantly increase your health and improve your productivity levels throughout the day. Many studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to increases in the stress hormone cortisol, with a decreased production of glycogen and carbohydrates that are stored for energy needed for physical activity. In other words, not getting enough sleep increases the chances of you feeling fatigued, lacking focus and energy.


Convenience is Key…

At the Liverpool Science Park, we have our very own fitness studio fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for all of our customers to benefit from. We also offer yoga classes (Wednesday’s at 12pm) so make sure to come down and join us!


These examples are only some of the many ways which you can make living a healthy lifestyle ­– on top of having a busy working schedule – a priority, by making minor adjustments. Have you started making changes to your lifestyle? Let us know!