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Date: 14th September 2018

Liverpool’s Big Weekend of Orienteering

Two local orienteering clubs are putting on a weekend of top quality orienteering which includes a route around the Knowledge Quarter.

On Sunday 7 October, the South East Lancashire club is offering a “sprint distance” race around Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter that includes a special novice course about 2.5km long.

Orienteering is a sport that combines running and navigation. Competitors are given a specially-drawn map which they use to find their way between a number of control points. They start at intervals of at least a minute to prevent following and carry a timing chip that they “punch” at a device attached to each control marker to prove they have visited. This chip also captures their start and finish times so that organisers can calculate the time they have taken. The winner is the person with the fastest time. There will usually be a range of different courses to suit different levels of ability and fitness. Take a look at this video from 2014 to see a bit more

Control points are marked on the ground with a red and white marker like that in the picture, with the timing box hanging just below it. Not all markers that you see will be for your course, so each box has a unique number. If the number matches, “punch” your card by inserting your timing chip into the timing box until it bleeps and flashes to confirm it has been read, then start planning the route you’ll take to the next control point.

Anybody can enter the event but children under 16 must be accompanied around the course by a responsible adult as they’ll be running across roads with traffic. Adults can run as a pair if they wish.

If you would like to enter then just turn up at the University Sports Centre off Oxford Street between 10.00 and 10.30 on Sunday 7 with a comfortable pair trainers. Look for the signs directing you to competitor registration in the ground floor sports hall. Here you’ll find people who can explain what’s going on and help you enter. You can leave a bag with a change of clothes etc. in the sports hall, though at your own risk.

The course costs £7.00 per competitor which includes the hire of a timing chip (lost chips cost £30 to replace). You must report to the download point after your run and by 13.30 at the latest, even if you retire without completing your course. This is so that organisers can ensure all competitors are safely back.

If you need any more information, please email secretary@seloc.org.uk or visit this website.