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Date: 23rd November 2018

LSP Community Interview – James Speirs of the LSP Team

Earlier in the week, we sat down with LSP's own accounting maestro James to see what makes him tick. We talked German motorbikes, Italian lager, and East Asian History - keep reading to find out more!

Hi James, how are you getting on? Let’s kick things off by addressing a rumour we have heard – what’s this about you driving a motorbike to work?

I started riding a motorcycle in 2001 & now ride a BMW 1200cc GSA. I recently passed my advanced Driving Test on the bike & besides riding it to work I have toured Scotland & Ireland.

That’s amazing. So, down to business – how long have you been in accounts and when did you start at the Science Park?

I started with LSP back in 2011 in accounts after having temped first at LSP via Hays Accounting for one of the staff on holiday – at that time there was just three of us in the accounts department & IC3 had not been built yet!

Wow, so has it changed much since then?

Much has changed since then! Obviously iC3 has since been built and we have taken on another member of staff in the accounts team which makes the overall team 15 strong to keep pace with the high occupancy levels. The building is so much busier and the quality of companies based here is incredible. Lately, the addition of Land. has gone down very well – I’m a bit of a coffee-aficionado!





You can say that again! Would you say you are a people person or a task person?

Very much a people person – one of the best parts of my job is interacting with my colleagues and with suppliers, most of whom are local.

Accounts sometimes gets a bit of a bad name – what would you say is the biggest misconception about accounts?

That it is basic accounting; these days it is more complex with the need for compliance with legislation & accounting procedures, more so as we grow the company. It’s not simply invoicing and chasing payments!

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you at work?

Watching the building of iC3 & the resulting change of landscape. It’s surreal to be at work and see an extra wing of the building going up whilst you carry out your job!

And the best thing?

Working with a great team!

What did you do before working at LSP?

I started working in Liverpool over 50 years ago in Shipping; I had my own company shipping cargo to West Africa & the Middle East – when I “retired” I trained to be a teacher and then in 2006 I graduated from LMJU with a degree in Japanese and Chinese History. Retirement did not suit me so I signed on with Hays Accountancy services – it was this organisation that put me into LSP which later led to being employed by LSP directly.

I don’t think many will top that for such a varied CV! And finally, finish this sentence – “the best thing to do after a long day at the office is”

A pint & a pizza!

You can normally catch James taking his motorbike for a spin on some of Sefton’s more scenic routes or with a pint of Peroni in his beloved Southport when he’s not in the office. A huge thank you to James for taking five minutes out of his day to speak to us!