/LSP Community Interview – John Keogh from Innove Solutions

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Date: 6th July 2018

LSP Community Interview – John Keogh from Innove Solutions

For our third 'LSP Community Interview', we sat down with John Keogh, the founder of ic1's Innove Solutions.

Hi John, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your schedule to sit down with us. First up, could you tell me a little about Innove – who is behind the company and what do you do?

I formed the company back in 2009 to develop the DiabetesE Performance Management system used by the majority of NHS sites in the country. Over the last couple of years however we have switched our focus over to mostly developing mobile phone apps on Android and Apple.

What is the favourite project you have worked on?

Probably my pet project “Spin the Boozle” which randomly picks a real ale pub for you to drink in! We’re in the process of flipping this into a gin based app as well!

What’s not to love there!? From past conversations, we’ve always been impressed by your Hospital Wayfinding app. Could you tell us a little more about it please?

Of course! Our Hospital Wayfinding app has been used by Southport Hospital for two years now and makes it really easy to navigate around the hospital. You simply select where you are in the hospital and where you want to go and it gives you detailed instructions with really nice pictures to guide you along the way. We have had great feedback on this app and it has just gone live at Aintree University Hospital and we are hoping to go ahead with a large hospital in Scotland soon.

How about the future – what projects do you have in the pipeline which you’re excited about?

We have done work for Wigan Council for a long time now and we have just been given the go-ahead to develop a new Estates Management system for them. The web based portal will also support mobile phone apps and we are really looking forward to starting this project.

Amazing news! What is the most interesting part of your job?

Meeting clients in pubs!



Hard to argue with that! On the subject, where are your favourite places to eat and drink near the Park?

For food we like the Quarter if you can get a table outside in the summer. For drinking, probably the Fly in the Loaf. Dominic always looks after you in there.

I guess we’ll know where to find you when you’re not in the office then! A bit off topic here but what is the one thing you think everybody should do at least once in their lives?

Work for themselves. I know so many friends who went down the corporate route and decided that when they wanted to get out it was too late.

With all these meetings in the pub it’s easy to see why you enjoy it so much! Okay, Desert Island scenario – what three things would you take?

To listen to, ‘It’s Alive’ by The Ramones ; to read ‘The Music of Chance’ by Paul Auster, and a dartboard with darts of course!

Very nice! And finally, what do you most like about being based here?

I’ve got to meet some really nice people here and have ended up passing work to them and also getting it back in return. The team who run LSP are very helpful and friendly. We have been here 7 years now and loved every minute of it!

Thanks John, always a pleasure to talk!

Thank you again to John and the Innove Team. If you’d like to find out a little more about Innove then check out their website or read about how John has been inspiring the next generation of digital pioneers!