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Date: 9th August 2018

LSP Community Interview – Stephen McConville from Turtle Media

Fresh from taking some amazing 3D images of the Park, we sat down with Stephen from ic1's Turtle Media and Marketing to find out a little more about what else he has been up to.

Hi Stephen, thanks again for your time! Firstly, can you tell me a little bit about how Turtle Media came about please?

I have been involved with web design and SEO for over a decade. Both Francis (Stephen’s Co-Director) and I have worked on numerous projects together and made a decision to set up a company with the knowledge we have gained, to provide an open and honest web design and marketing service.

What has been the favourite project you have worked on so far?

A project for New Edge Interiors. This is an eCommerce website with over 7,000 products and growing. It has been challenging and exciting since day one.

Very impressive! And what is your role within the company?

I’m one of the two Company Directors along with Francis.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Discovering new businesses and products.

A little closer to home, where is your favourite place to eat or drink near LSP?

Definitely the Cathedral Cafe, just across the piazza from LSP. Tenants receive a 10% discount too!

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Go to Las Vegas!

I could not agree more! Okay, Desert Island scenario, what three things would you take?

A football and beer (plenty of).

And finally, what do you like most about being at LSP?

We are local to town, yet being on the outskirts means we don’t get caught in all the heavy traffic when heading home. I also love the visitors that come with food and the pool table in the break room.

A massive thank you again to Stephen for taking the time to talk to us. If you haven’t already checked out the amazing street-view images the Turtle Media team took of the Park you can check them out here or have a look at their website to find out a little bit more about the amazing projects they work on here.