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Date: 4th October 2018

LSP Cycle To Lapland

Between now and Christmas Eve, the LSP team will be cycling to Lapland to raise money and awareness for the Huntington Disease Association.

The strenuous 2,400 mile journey will be completed from the comfort of the Park on two exercise bikes with the combined distance traveled totaling the amount of time it would take to cycle to Lapland. The LSP team will be taking it in turns on the bikes but with only 83 days until Christmas we’re also looking for volunteers based here to help us reach this total. If you or any colleagues would like to get involved then please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

Huntington’s Disease Association, based here at LSP, are funding the research and development into Huntington’s Disease as well as offering support to people who suffer from the devastating condition and their families. You can donate directly to our fundraising efforts and find out more about HDA here.

You can keep up to date on our progress via our weekly newsletter or by searching #LSPCycleToLapland on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.