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Date: 20th February 2018

Not your Traditional Landlord

Not your traditional landlord

I always wince when I hear the word landlord, not least as it conjures up images of Victorian slum kings, twirling their moustaches and exploiting tenants. This is not quite the role I had envisaged for myself when I started out on my so-called career. In the world of property, things have surely moved on and every shiny new space has clearly adopted the most modern of practices. Well, perhaps not.

I am in no doubt that any innovative company will thrive more here at LSP than at other property venues. When we talk about our offer, we highlight the links to universities, we talk about the gate criteria limiting occupancy only to knowledge based tenants, we stress the opportunities we provide to hear from the best speakers and we invite you to thrive in this leading-edge city centre environment. Rarely do we talk about the hygiene factors, which every tenant can expect here at LSP. And yet, when I hear about some of the horror stories from newly arrived tenants, perhaps we should draw the distinction more.

LSP won’t take a deposit off you. We won’t fleece you for spurious dilapidations at the end of your lease, just those we both agree upon. We won’t expect you to drag in your own IT. We won’t let you struggle if your business plans change. We won’t charge you for extras such as meeting rooms. So, what do we do for you. Firstly, once you sign, you can expect to be up and running in less than 24 hours, if that is important to you. Sometimes it is. We will let you expand and shrink with your business fortunes. We will introduce you to your fellow tenants. We will link you in to the available support in the city to help further your plans. The team which sells you the space will also welcome you to the park and will stay as a constant thread throughout your time here. No sales people parachuted in just for the signature. The finance team is in house rather than in a separate call centre. We will use our marketing channels to celebrate your success. If you succeed, we succeed. We don’t just turn up when we want your renewal. And when we make a profit, we can only spend it on deepening and improving the offer here at LSP. It won’t get syphoned off to pay a dividend to a disembodied shareholder.

If that sounds like a refreshing change, get in touch and join the other 65 companies here. Then you can see for yourself why you should grow your company here.