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Date: 21st December 2018

Signing Off 2018

Well, 2018 has been a busy old year at the Park! We've picked out some of our highlights so keep reading to find out what we've been up to!


A relatively low-key start to the year saw our wonderful Ops Manager Philippa return from Maternity Leave and the LSP rebrand work with Elephant Digital kick off. We also welcomed Oh My Mood to the Park, a digital health-tech firm who work closely with LJMU. (Listen, more happened but for some reason Twitter wouldn’t let us search that far back!).


At the start of February, repair work began on our neighbours the Irish Centre. Our first pop-up shop of the year saw Crosby Coffee set up in iC1 (on the snowiest day of the year!) to coincide with a brilliant session hosted by Constructive Thinking in our Studio. The new front door was installed in iC1 meaning that we could finally wave goodbye to those temporary orange handles! We also signed off on our iC1 bathroom refurbishment program with local contractors Consortia.


A snowy start to the month coincided with the Liverpool Community College’s first pop-up of the year arriving at the Park. In an exciting update to the Knowledge Quarter vision, a vehicle to deliver further investment into LSP was created. iC3’s own Ryder Architecture were appointed to deliver designs for a hotel on Paddington Village. Oh, and Triviso Ice Cream pitched up just in time for Easter!


Our end of year accounts were published in April (which okay, isn’t very interesting to most) but it was the third year on the bounce that we recorded a profit! (Mo’ money, Mo’ reinvestment!) The LJMU FaceLab team gave the LSP Community an introduction into the facial reconstruction work they do and Collabco moved into their lovely new office on the second floor of iC3. We also hosted events from Red Ninja, AlgoLib, the Knowledge Quarter, Merseycode and the Knowledge Quarter to name but a few.


Leanne, Michelle and George B took to the pavements during some record temperatures to run the Spring 10k for Ronald McDonald House raising just shy of £300 in the process (and nearly  passing out with heat exhaustion!). iC2’s Welcome2Liverpool launched their real-time app, designed by Red Ninja, and The Webinar Vet moved into iC1 at the end of the month! We also welcomed back our incredible Ops Co-ordinator Claire from maternity leave.


To coincide with our weekly Yoga classes, we started June by introducing a Pilates session to the Park. We also hosted our first Community Market with fourteen independent retailers heading down to iC1 to sell, barter and buy – let’s not mention how much prosecco we drank though! The LSP team headed down to the docks for the International Business Festival, hosting a three day stand to the thousands of visitors the event brought in. Oh, and we went live with our rebrand and website launch because we weren’t quite busy enough!


In a lovely start to the month, our lovely team member Melissa graduated from LJMU with a degree in HR (congratulations again!). In a busy mid-week month, three companies joined the Park – EnXray, Roto Hybrid and Laureate Online Education. Further developments for the Knowledge Quarter Development Company saw Colin Sinclair appointed as Chief Executive of the company.




We kicked off August with two new additions to the Community with both Liftupp and Chanua joining us on the first day of the month. ic3’s HL Structural Engineer’s took the next step in their expasion moving into a new office. The first stage of the iC1 bathroom refurbishment was completed in the second week of August to rave reviews and a free co-working day was hosted in the Rubix Room. Liverpool celebrated it’s 800th birthday (aged alright, hasn’t it?), the LSP Team moved office, and George B tied the knot!


The LSP Community Card was introduced in September offering our community members discounts in some of the finest eateries on our doorstep. We raised over £500 at our Macmillan Coffee Morning towards the end of the month and Color Consultancy moved into their office in iC1 becoming the 275th different company to be based at the Park since we opened over ten years ago! In a bitter-sweet day, Melissa left LSP for pastures new at the Wirral Council.


As the city was transfixed with the Giants roving around Liverpool, we started our epic cycle-athon to Lapland raising money for the Huntington’s Disease Association. Wider afield, there were spades in the ground on the Spine Building in Paddington Village and LJMU unveiled their amazing transformation plans for the nearby Copperas Hill site which will see more stunning public realm brought to the area. We (bravely!) put out our annual tenant survey which brought about some really positive feedback which will help shape the path of the Park in 2019. There were two new additions to the LSP Community in the guise of Mee Travel and Spartan Life Coach. Finally, we got ghoulish with our annual Pumpkin Carving Competition and waved goodbye to Ops team member Laura!


The penultimate month of the year started in style with the Knowledge Quarter, Downtown in Business, Ryder Architecture and Joe Anderson unveiling the next stage of the Paddington Village plans to a packed out Studio. Our very own Moya racked up an incredible 10 years at the Park and reflexology came to LSP. In other exciting news, Land. Coffee rocked up to iC1, fast becoming a favourite of the whole LSP Community. The LJMU Astrophysics Research Institute wowed the Community with their four-fold introduction into the work they carry out in iC2. Meanwhile, Every Cloud Associate joined the LSP Community, setting up base in iC1. At the tail-end of the month, Colin Sinclair was appointed as Director of the LSP Board and the wonderful Angel joined the LSP team.


Our second Community Market brought in our final month of 2018, welcoming 17 different stalls of iC1. A frantic month full of vegan pop-ups, nail bars, and even an UKSPA nomination was seen out in fashion with our third annual Chris-Muss Quiz (congratulations to the worth HDA for winning top prize!). Our Mission Christmas drop-off point saw over 70 gifts generously donated as the Community got into the swing of things for Christmas. The final strect of our cyle-athon is in site and we’re on course to say hello to Santa this Christmas Eve.

Signing-Off The Year

It’s been such an incredible year at the Park and we’d like to thank you all for making it so special.  We end the year with occupancy levels at 86% and a few new faces lined up for early 2019. We hope you all have a wonderful end to the year and a very Merry Christmas!