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The decision to invest in a virtual office can be a big leap for a small business. Reasons to make the change or to invest in a virtual office can be for a number of reasons. Most businesses have an action plan to help them along with the process, but these next reasons could help you make the decision easier if you are unsure on whether or not to invest in a virtual office here at Liverpool Science Park.

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Cutting Costs

As a small business or a start-up business, it can be difficult to try and cut costs whilst still trying to build your brand and create brand awareness, a virtual office is a cost-effective way to place yourself at a business address which is relevant to what your business offers but work from home to save money instead of purchasing a physical office.

Liverpool Science Park offers businesses which are part of biomedical and healthcare, digital and creative, science and engineering, professional services and technology sectors the chance to invest in a virtual office where they will be featured on LSPs website and social media channels to create exposure for your business, but without the big monthly outgoings of a physical office.

Short-Term Lease

Long-term leases to a physical office space can be very expensive and require a lot of commitment however the benefit of starting a virtual office is that this is not the case. You are able to pay monthly to make sure you are only using the virtual office for the time which you need it, which can be useful when just starting your business and are wanting to create exposure with little funds.

At Liverpool Science Park we work alongside you and your business to create the perfect customisable plan to suit your virtual office needs. We offer flexible terms and our friendly members of staff will be with you every step of the way to help answer any burning questions or enquires which you may have.

Easy Expansion

Virtual offices are perfect for start-up companies and can create a great base for an easy relocation in the future. A virtual office might just be setting the foundations for your first year as a business as you don’t have enough funds to make the step into the physical office space.

At Liverpool Science Park we make it easy for businesses to make the move from a virtual office into a physical office. We will discuss with you your needs for an office space and figure out a new payment plan suited to your needs.


When your business is just starting out, it is ideal to have flexibility whilst you adjust to the new industry you are working in and your business. A virtual office will enable your business to gain that flexibility to work hours and days which you need to, and to help give you a boost at the start and throughout.

Liverpool Science Park is open 24/7, 365 days a year so we are always available and flexible to fit around your virtual office needs, whether this be to pick up mail or to book or attend a meeting in one of our eight meeting rooms available at a discounted price.

Increased Productivity

Compared to a more traditional approach to a physical office and desks, a virtual office will allow your employees to feel more productive as most people find it easier to work from home because they don’t have to spend money on commuting into the office and they are more likely to be happier and more motivated.

However technical constraints can affect any business even if you own a physical office, but when you have a virtual office and your main form of communication is via the internet, mobile phone or your laptop and technical difficulties happen then you may lose communication and coordination of your team and clients.


The opportunity to invest in a virtual office for your business gives you the chance to increase your credibility when clients are looking for the product or service which you are providing. The Liverpool Science Park offers your business the chance to be at a prestigious, city centre address to give the impression that you are bigger and therefore more credible and reliable.