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Be Perceived as a Bigger Company

A virtual office space can bring in some major benefits to any small or start-up business, one of which is that your business will be perceived as a bigger business by your competitors and prospective clients. Furthermore, when investing in a virtual office you are ultimately allowing your business to appear as more established.

Here at Liverpool Science Park we offer your business the opportunity to appear on our social media channels and also be shown on the Liverpool Science Park’s website. This exposure allows your business to find, or be found, by other business here at the park, allowing you to gain more opportunities to collaborate and network.

Where are we?

Liverpool Science Park
131 Mount Pleasant,
Liverpool L3 5TF

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Premium business address

Investing in a virtual office at LSP is ideal as we allow your business to obtain a premium business address at the park. The premium business address will make a great difference to the type of clientele you can retain and potentially reach, as it will increase your business credibility.

Some businesses benefit greatly from using our virtual office service to redirect all business admin which would usually be addressed to a home address. Having a premium business address at the Liverpool Science Park allows for all your incoming and outgoing mail to be sent and delivered from the same premium address and keeps your personal address private.


Investing in a virtual office at Liverpool Science Park will allow you to take advantage of all our benefits, which include, our range of meeting rooms, which would be available for your business to use at a discounted rate. This can allow you to arrange client meetings in an environment which is professional, as opposed to inviting clients to your home or a local café. It gives the impression that your small business is professional, well-established and trustworthy.

An ideal benefit of a virtual office space at Liverpool Science Park is the 24-hour, 365 days of the year. This can allow you to determine your business hours to suit your working day, and this will allow you to set up meetings or collect your mail at times which suit your schedule.

Transport Links

When acquiring a virtual office, you are removing the need for long commute times for you and your employees as you will likely work remotely. However, it is important to choose a virtual office location with excellent transport links if you are planning to take advantage of meeting rooms, collecting mail or any other admin services. Liverpool Science Park is ideally located in the centre of Liverpool making the routes into the park quick and easy, Liverpool Lime Street and Liverpool Central are a 10-minute walk away from the Park, and John Lennon Airport is less than a 30-minute drive. You can also travel from London to Liverpool via train in just over 2 hours.

Being so close to some of the major transport links will allow for your virtual office to be seen as easily accessible, allowing you to expand your client base and attract more potential customers.

Flexible terms

Just like any other space which Liverpool Science Park offers, our virtual office space comes with flexible terms and agreements which we will tailor to you to ensure your virtual office space is perfect for your business.

A further benefit to purchasing a virtual office space is the ability to have flexibility, not only in the rent agreements which Liverpool Science Park can offer, but also with the times and dates which you decide to work to best suit your lifestyle and personal life.

Opportunities to expand

If you are investing into a virtual office space and hoping to expand in the future, then look no further than Liverpool Science Park for the perfect place to start your journey. We are able to offer opportunities to expand from a virtual office space into a one of our physical office spaces.