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Date: 30th May 2019

Spotlight On … Root Houseplants

In our latest 'Spotlight On', we caught up with Lisa from Root Houseplants, the amazing contemporary houseplant shop, who is hosting a pop-up in iC1 this Friday.

This week, we sat down with Lisa from Root Houseplants who are based in the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Lisa’s roots go back to the education sector, but her love of botany drove her to create the Root concept when she found she couldn’t find any unusual and affordable plants for her home. Flash forward and Root is growing from strength to strength with a city centre shop and bustling online store providing plants to homes, offices and restaurants across the country and with plans to grow the business more.

Hi Lisa, thank you for catching up with us! Let’s get things started by finding out who the brains behind the concept are!

Hi! That would be me and my partner, Chris.

So, how did it all begin?

When we bought our house we wanted to create a home full of life and greenery and, as we didn’t have a garden, we created that space inside. We started off with some easy guys, like Areca palm, Devil’s Ivy and Sansevieria and we were hooked! As we started to seek out more unusual plants with interesting foliage we struggled and, when we did find a gem, there often wasn’t a name on the plant or any care information. We did a lot of research and had some very long chats then decided to take the plunge to start a plant business ourselves.

That’s amazing! Why is Liverpool such an important place for your business?

Liverpool is our home and it’s a special city with a lot of love for an independent business.

It certainly is, we’re very lucky in this city! On to the plants themselves, what would you say your favourite is?

Hmm … absolute favourite, that’s a tricky one! Either Philodendron micans or Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’ – I’m a sucker for Sansevieria as well!

We’ll have to keep our eyes out on Friday for them then! What are your thoughts on using plants in the workplace to promote health and well-being?

I think it’s great – there’s a lot of research to show that they help to reduce stress, improve productivity and happiness! They look beautiful as well!

They really do, we love having plants here – they really brighten the place up! On the theme of independents, what would you say your favourite fellow one is?

There’s too many to choose from! Of course, we love Mary Mary Florals! We love Maray, Mattas, The Bagelry, and Constellations.

Thank you again to Lisa for letting us find out a little more about Root Houseplants. Don’t forget, the Root team are here this Friday hosting a pop-up shop so make sure you bring your wallet and pick yourself up a couple of their amazing plants!