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Date: 17th April 2019

Spotlight On … The Extraordinary Club

In our latest 'Spotlight On', we caught up with Dawn Paine of The Extraordinary Club, a local company helping Liverpool's creative technology companies to flourish.

The Extraordinary Club, based at our close neighbours Sensor City, sat down with us at the start of the week to tell us a little more about the amazing work they do and the potential avenues they are exploring to work more closely with the LSP Community. We also gained a little insight into the incredible training they’re running in situ with Facebook which will be held in the Park next month as well as a little about what drives Dawn and her co-founder Angela McClelland tick.

Hi Dawn, thank you so much for calling into the Park to talk to us! Firstly, could you give us an introduction to The Extraordinary Club please?

Hi! Our purpose at TEC is to provide extraordinary solutions using the power of digital creativity. We help individuals and businesses to unlock what makes them extraordinary through skills development, strategic business support to help them transform and grow. We also provide strategic marketing and innovation consultancy.

That sounds amazing! So, how did you both get involved in TEC?

Myself and my co-founder Angela decided to found the company as we saw a market need – there is a huge amount of creative talent in Liverpool but not always the support or connections to support and nurture that talent. Especially for SMEs, we have one of the lowest business survival rates and productivity levels in the UK! – we want to help companies to scale and for individuals to flourish.

Brilliant, it’s great to see companies taking the initiative to help local start-ups to survive. You’re now working with Facebook, how did they become involved!?

I have a long standing relationship with the European leadership team at Facebook from my time as Marketing Director at Nintendo. So that helped!! One of the things we want to do is to bring big brands into the region to connect new conversations and opportunities for our talent – so they are a fantastic partner for us to upskill our talent across the North.

Absolutely! So what can people expect from the sessions you’re hosting at the Park?

They can expect a fun and fast paced session with lots of collaboration with other participants. We give you a taster into 2 keys areas of digital skills – offering tips, tricks and free tools to take away and use in both your personal and professional life. We’re confident that by the end of the session, we will have ignited your digital mindset!

Well we can’t wait for them! A bit of a wider question now, how do you see Liverpool’s tech sector developing over the next few years and what are your hopes for it?

There is so much to be excited about for the creative and digital sector over the coming years. One of our really strong USPs is our immersive tech, which is a by product of the city’s heritage in game development. Alongside this, we have fantastic organisations like Liverpool John Moores who are making great strides in the development of immersive storytelling which will help foster more convergence of different strands across film, TV, games and tech. I would like to see more support from local government to provide new innovative forms of business support to help this talent to grow.

There’s certainly plenty to look forwards to! And, aside from the upcoming courses (which are free by the way!), how else can people become involved with other aspects of the Club’s work?

You can get in touch with us via our Twitter – we’re over on @TExtraordinaryC talking all things digital skills and championing the creative and digital SME’s in our city!

You can also find us at www.theextraordinaryclub.com

Feel free to contacts us – we want to build a thriving and engaged creative and digital community here in Liverpool.

Thank you again to Dawn and The Extraordinary Club team for giving us more of an insight into the amazing work they do! If you haven’t yet had a chance to register to the event TEC are holding in conjunction with Facebook then you can register for free here.