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Clea Company Bio

Clea is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) based in the UK and Zambia. We deliver expert and affordable IT support to charities working in International Development.

We equip those making a difference with the right technological solutions to make an even greater difference in improving lives around the world.

Our Values & Vision
  • We are driven by purpose to deliver excellent technological solutions to organisations with proven impact in international development
  • We believe that dynamic and streamlined IT will boost this impact and enable the delivery of more effective programs to even more people.
  • We are committed to harnessing the power and abundant resources of the IT community to build a better tomorrow and reduce global inequality
  • We believe that a more equitable world will be built by hybrid organisations that combine traditional business with programs that solve society’s issues.


Contact Details

Liverpool Science Park
Innovation Centre 1,
131 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TF

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