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At BioGrad we teach differently. We teach specific, practical techniques over a short period of time to provide our students with the skills they need to find laboratory based employment.

All of our lecturers are active researchers who publish using the techniques they teach. Students learn from academic and industrial scientists who can provide an insight into their research and advice on how to navigate the job market.

We don’t use out-dated techniques or cheaper reagents to save costs. We teach techniques that our scientists use in their companies and academic research laboratories, this allows students to gain experience in ‘real world’ techniques and supports job applications for laboratory based work. We provide students with the opportunity to work with expensive equipment and reagents not always available in university practical sessions.

We don’t have one lecturer teaching a large group of students. Courses have one lecturer for every 3-5 students. We supervise every student until they feel confident and can perform the techniques correctly.

We have a range of short courses available from the 5 day ‘Summer Schools’ designed for A-Level students and undergraduates through to our ‘Practical Drug Discovery’ course for pharmaceutical researchers.

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