Collabco – provider of myday Digital Campus, the digital cornerstone of all campus life

At Collabco we are passionate about the success of all learners, delighting them on their entire journey through the use of technology.

Aimed at higher education institutions who are looking to improve their NSS student satisfaction scores.  myday is an integrated app and portal for students, staff and visitors which personalises communications and consolidates access to all university systems, delivering the personalised information that they need at a time when they need it.  With targeted messaging, myday is a trusted and proven solution used by universities and colleges across the UK and Europe

Collabco was founded in 2009 and entered Academia and Education in 2010. 2014 saw the release of a cloud version of the myday dashboard and the company has since grown to double-digital revenue growth employing over 20 talented indivuduals contributing to this success.

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