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Face Lab is a Liverpool School of Art and Design research group at Liverpool John Moores University that carries out forensic and archaeological research and consultancy work, including craniofacial analysis, facial depiction and forensic art.

Director Professor Caroline Wilkinson is accredited as a forensic anthropologist Level 1 (craniofacial specialism) by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and is an experienced forensic practitioner.

Craniofacial analysis involves the depiction and identification of human remains for forensic investigation, or historical figures for archaeological interpretation. This may involve post-mortem depiction, facial reconstruction, craniofacial superimposition and skull reassembly. Forensic art also involves witness interviews to produce facial sketches/composites, age progression images and facial image comparison.


Face Lab’s research focuses on the digital creative agenda. Specifically, Face Lab explores faces and art-science applications.

Face Lab’s research includes:

  • The further development of a 3D computerised craniofacial depiction system, utilizing existing 3D modelling software and haptic technology
  • The development of a database of anatomical structures and facial features
  • The use of cutting edge technology in facial depiction, animation and recognition

Our craniofacial computer system has been employed to analyse, authenticate and/or depict the faces of key historical figures, such as, St Nicolas, Robert the Bruce, Robert Burns and Rameses II.


Archaeological & Historical
  • Skeletal analysis
  • Facial depiction
  • Authentication
Forensic Identification
  • Facial depiction from skeletal remains
  • Post-mortem depiction
  • Face comparison

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