Institute of Infection Biology & Global Health

Biomedical + Healthcare

The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection & Global Health was established to bring together leading medical, veterinary and basic science researchers from across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

The Institute has 101 full-time academic staff including 21 professors, as well as 39 professional services staff and 90 research students.

Our mission is to improve the health of humans and animals by tackling key infectious disease in both and UK and global context.

Our research is built around four themes; tackling infectious diseases of adults and children; enhancing food safety and food security; tracking emerging zoonotic infections; and improving the health of pets.

We study the clinical, biological and epidemiological aspects of infectious disease, along with the wider health implications for human society and animal welfare. We have major research programmes and collaborations on five continents.

Our Institute is made of up three Departments, split over three sites. One of our Departments, Infection Biology, is based in state-of-the-art facilities in the Liverpool Science Park.