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Liverpool Health Partners (LHP) has been formed to secure, strengthen and extend the synergies of strategic coherence across its partners and to build upon the region’s culture of innovation in health care. LHP delivers a coordinated programme of research and education leading to service improvement for the benefit of patient and population healthcare across its footprint, as well as beyond.

LHPBringing together 3 HEIs, 2 acute Trusts, 5 specialist Trusts, our Mental Health Trust and the largest Clinical Commissioning Group in the region, LHP provides a central point of coordination and collaboration for biomedical health and research. Building upon the unique strengths of our 12 Partners, LHP enhances the national and international reputations they each hold in their specialty fields and adds value through providing a vital profile of excellence on an international platform.

LHP commands the commitment from the highest level of its Partners through their engagement with our strategic priorities and their dynamic and forward thinking approach to achieving the highest quality activities. Our Partners are using LHP as a step change in their ability to deliver increasingly effective and world-class research outcomes to its patients, whilst demonstrating value for money.

In addition to LHP providing the enhanced capability to undertake world-class research, it also maximizes the drawdown of research outcomes into improved patient outcomes through our health education programmes and role in finding evidenced means of delivering better quality patient care through potential service reconfiguration.

“Our vision is to be a leading centre, nationally and globally, for the uptake of innovative, applied health research and education and its application into healthcare for better health outcomes; a vision that can only be met by an integrated approach from bench to bedside across our region.”

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Executive Director;

“LHP has established itself as a (self-designated) Academic Health Science Centre and plays a crucial role within the wider Academic Health Science System across the North West Coast, alongside our AHSN.”

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