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SafeBridge are the premier health and safety consulting firm to the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, especially with respect to potent compound safety. We have assisted over 500 business units worldwide in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical industries and have significant experience in recognising, evaluating and controlling occupational exposure to potent pharmaceuticals. Our services include: occupational toxicology, occupational hygiene, occupational hygiene analytical chemistry, laboratory safety and environmental protection.

Key services include:

– Developing Occupational Exposure Limits and Acceptable Surface Limits for occupational health purposes for potent (bio)pharmaceuticals

– Developing drug substance Acceptable Daily Exposure levels

– Developing occupational hygiene sampling and analytical methods for air and surface samples and analysing samples from occupational hygiene workplace assessments

– Contribution to conceptual and detailed design for potent API facilities

– Verifying containment and controls for chemical and pharmaceutical operations using surrogates or active pharmaceutical ingredients

– Assessing worker exposures to drug substances in the workplace by occupational hygiene monitoring

– Risk assessment including categorizing / banding compounds for occupational health and safety purposes

– Developing medical surveillance programs for cytotoxic and other potent compounds

– Training employees, management and supervisors in potent compound safety awareness

SafeBridge has have offices in Mountain View, CA, New York, NY, and Europe (Liverpool, England). Our consultants work globally, with the European office covering Europe to India and further afield.

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