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SymlConnect is an Information Communication Technology Company that designs & develops elegant, cost-effective Smart Mobile Solutions to facilitate remote Clinical Monitoring for existing systems.

Established within the Swansea Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), SymlConnect has the privilege of working in close collaboration with reputed academics and clinical specialists for the development of all digital and mobile solutions. Quality and efficiency are core attributes of SymlConnect, and we recognize and fully acknowledge the value of involving the relevant subject-matter medical experts to develop the right solutions to help save patient lives and provide medical data, efficiently.

SymlConnect was formed in 2012 by Dr. Sabarna Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Sushrut Mehta and Dr. Dipen Mukhopadhyay to develop simple but intelligent connections to existing clinical systems in an easy, smart and user-friendly way, addressing common healthcare concerns of important data available at the point-of-care and improve integrated care delivery. The innovative solution addresses confidential information sharing issues in a simple and cost-effective way. The team has over 35 years of joint experience in all aspects of Information Technology, Clinical expertise and product development. Apart from extensive programming skills, n-tier development and mobile technology expertise, the team has developed and piloted with secondary care sites acquiring first-hand knowledge on NHS standards, health standard messaging, regulations, governance and legislations, data security encryptions, and confidential data transmission.

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