Ultamation was founded by Oliver Hall in 2007 and is one of the leading custom integration companies in the UK.  In 2009, the prestigious Liverpool Science Park became our main office where we now employ five staff.  Our primary activity is software development (modules, productivity tools and more) which we sell through our online shop to other programmers internationally.  We also design and build automation systems for residential and commercial projects across the UK and beyond, which we have won multiple awards for.

Ultamation can provide:

  • Pre-start design consultancy to optimise the system and to ensure the solution meets your specific goals, whether you’re looking for a system with a future expansion in mind or you want to maximise financial return on a development project.
  • Technology and product knowledge to ensure your system will be as future proof as is reasonably practical.
  • Independent validation of 3rd-party proposals and pricing to ensure you’re getting value for money and a sound technical solution.
  • Project management to reduce management overhead and protect you from the jargon and technical complexity of automation installations.
  • Programming and usability specification writing to ensure the delivered system performs to expectations.
  • Full touch panel design and system programming services for new or existing systems to meet a given specification. Alternatively, if you wish, we will work with your designers to implement your specific design style.
  • Crestron module design and programming for OEMs or installers who recognise the benefits of having a reusable & tested software component to make automation installations simpler.
  • Contact us at info@ultamation.com and we’d be happy to explore how we can be of assistance.