Yet2 operates at the hub of the global technology marketplace. Since 1999, we’ve been an Open Innovation services company working for an international corporate client base. We leverage our global network of affiliates, the 130,000+ users of our online technology marketplace, a proprietary database of several million innovative technologies and technology needs, and our offices in North America, Europe, and Asia to scout cutting-edge companies and technologies beyond the reach of most clients.

Yet2 provides hands-on technology transfer services in the areas of strategic dealflow, technology search, monetization, Open Innovation portal management, and anonymous patent-buying. With our deep client relationships, yet2 has scouted for, negotiated, and closed hundreds of deals — bringing our Open Innovation clients hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Additionally, we search continuously for novel technologies on behalf of our customers. Do you believe you have an innovative, commercializable technology? Contact us here at yet2.

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