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Date: 30th August 2018

The Only Constant Is Change

I was always taught that change, whilst inevitable, is lumpy.  It is never a smooth progression.  Like the tide coming in, a wave crashes and all of a sudden, the high tide mark is further up the beach than before.  Metaphor over, but the clear trick is to make sure that when change is rapidly unfolding and evolving, that all the necessary preparatory work has been undertaken.  Whilst nothing can be guaranteed, trying to steer events in a certain direction will always bear more fruit than if you’d done nothing at all.

LSP has always worked to be a free-standing, commercial organisation, and with a third successive profit now posted in its accounts at Companies House, we are investing even more back into our estate and facilities.  The first of four bathroom refurbishments in Innovation Centre 1 is now complete and we aim to finish the other three floors within the next twelve months.  A major undertaking but important for us to maintain the Grade A quality of our facilities.  Additional future capital developments are already beyond the drawing board stage.


The refresh of LSP’s brand is now complete after ten months, and our new website and marketing collateral is progressively being rolled out.  There were no major surprises when reviewing our brand identity, but it’s important that our offer always matches and exceeds our tenants’ expectations.  As part of this process, the in-house LSP team was recognised by tenants as the key to everything we do.  Any building can be attractive as well as functional, but it is how it is operated, which is key.  The team of fifteen we have here is the foundation on which everything else stands or falls.  A huge amount of effort goes on behind the scenes to ensure that every facility and service adds value to our companies’ tenancies and business plans, as well as keeps pace with evolving expectations, technologies and with our commitment to the natural environment.


We talked a couple of months ago about working more closely with our friends at Sensor City and I anticipate that that will rapidly gain increasing traction.  Finally, the opportunities offered by the creation of the Knowledge Quarter Development Company for LSP both to underpin and to benefit from the work Colin Sinclair is undertaking is really exciting and a potential game changer in so many ways.


So, it’s technically business as usual, but we are waiting for that momentum to gather to propel the LSP team and its tenants to the next stage in our evolution.