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Date: 17th August 2018

The Story of The Webinar Vet

This week, we caught up with Anthony Chadwick from The Webinar Vet to learn about the company, its origins, successes and what it means for the future of veterinary care.

How did The Webinar Vet begin?

The story of The Webinar Vet began about eight years ago now. It was the time when the true potential of the internet was starting to unfold, the sweet spot where the technology was finally good enough to support fast, dependable service, but before it had become oversaturated by ruthless commercial exploitation, and it was still possible for independent businesses to grow. Online learning was becoming popular, but there was a dearth of it in the veterinary field. Vets still had to travel long distances to physical conferences, which is expensive and time consuming. For example, going to the London Vet Show can cost as much as £960, factoring in the cost of travel, accommodation, and the ticket price. That was where the idea for The Webinar Vet came from: instead of people going to the show, what if the show came to the people? Nobody knew what a webinar was when the company was set up; now it is one of the most common ways that vets learn!

In that moment, the company was born. The idea spread rapidly through the community – indeed, for several years we didn’t have a marketing division, because we didn’t need one! Since that time, we have expanded further still, and we are proud to have a community of thousands of vets, nurses, and other practitioners who regularly use our services, but we expect that number to continue to rise as more people come to understand the ease and convenience of doing their CPD with us.

What is The Webinar Vet’s vision?

Our vision underpins the entire ethos of what we do. So much so, in fact, that we framed it to hang on the wall! We have distilled it down to three core aspirations:

  1. To provide the highest quality vet-led content.
  2. To be the world’s largest online veterinary community.
  3. To have the planet’s most confident vets.

Our desire is to further animal welfare and human welfare simultaneously. We provide vets, vet nurses, and SQPs with a way to do their Continuing Professional Development in an easy and affordable manner, but we also go beyond that. Veterinary work is very rewarding, but is also often strenuous work, and our Health and Wellbeing courses provide advice on staying happy and healthy in your work. Also, our Practice Management webinars deliver information for people in positions of management, as well as covering topics such as employee rights and what to do if a client makes a complaint about you. If it helps vets in any way, we’re onto it.

What’s a typical day at The Webinar Vet?

We have a small but industrious team which works cohesively to ensure that the business runs like a well-oiled machine. Whether it’s the Sales Team welcoming new clients, Sponsorship forging new friendships, Marketing creating a dialogue with vets worldwide, or Operations acting as the glue that keeps everything together behind the scenes, everybody has an invaluable part to play. But it’s not all hard work – we like to have some fun too! Whether it’s taking a break to have an office tournament of Killer Pool or finding some quiet time with our daily Mindfulness sessions, or intense debates about whether a Jammy Dodger would beat a Custard Cream in a fight (Dodger all the way, I say!), there are plenty of good times to be had, too.

And finally, we asked the Webinar Vet team a little more about Anthony himself as the man behind The Webinar Vet…

Anthony is a Scouser and lifelong Liverpool fan, having been brought up in Anfield by the football ground. He studied at Liverpool because they were the only ones to accept him for veterinary science and he’d wanted to be a vet since he was eight. After two years in mixed practice in Cheshire and Wales, he gravitated back into Liverpool where he has lived ever since. First in West Derby and now at the beach in Waterloo. Anthony set up The Webinar Vet because he was naffed off about having to travel for all his CPD requirements. He sold his practice in West Derby in 2011 to concentrate on the business and moved from Waterloo to Liverpool because he loved the people and location at LSP. In his spare time, he cycles and swims, plays guitar badly and likes watching the hedgehogs in his garden!

The Webinar Vet is one of LSP’s latest community members and we’re delighted to have them here as they trail blaze the way for CPD in veterinary care. The company is based at innovation centre 1. More information can be found on their website here.