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Date: 15th February 2019

Ultamation Pick Up Their 5th Creston Award

At the recent ISE 2019 awards in Amsterdam, iC2's Ultamation picked up their fifth Creston Award to date. Winning the prize for the 'Best Graphical User Interface', the award recognised their exceptional integrative touch panels.

We would like to congratulate Ultamation, based in iC2, for picking up their fifth Crestron Award at last week’s ISE 2019, the largest integration systems trade show in the world. Their latest award was awarded for the ‘Best GUI (Graphical User Interface), a prize recognising how systems look and work through touch panels.

We caught up with Ultamation’s Emma Hall earlier in the week to find out about their amazing achievement and how the panel they designed works;

“At Ultamation we strive to build the best possible user interfaces for our clients.  We created our Lamina Smart Graphics theme, which has continued to evolve over the years not only in line with trends in design and new technology, but also with our experience of how clients interact with their intelligent homes and how that interaction works in harmony with, and enhances, their lifestyle.  It’s not our place to claim we’ve succeeded, but we’re proud to say that our user interface was cited as a key factor for the CEDIA judges in presenting Ultamation with the award for Best Integrated Home in the World and now has gone onto win an award by itself!

One of the constant challenges for user interface designers is managing the balance between ease of use, and functionality.  Without careful design, and iterative refinement, an interface can quickly become cluttered and difficult to navigate.  Our user interface philosophy has always been to keep the common functions easily accessible with the minimum of touches while logically grouping sophisticated functionality beneath.

Homeowners benefit from the simplicity of a single press to bring a room to life, leaving them free to focus on their own priorities, while still affording the capabilities to set the perfect mood in a space, access their integrated systems – be it security or heating, all within the familiar framework of our menu hierarchy and clean page layouts.  Remaining uncluttered doesn’t mean sacrificing on useful information, and our source control pages make good use of whatever’s available for a given source, whether it’s Now & Next information from a satellite receiver, or box artwork from a movie server.

Despite the user interface being deployed across different devices, the user interaction remains consistent so the customer is equally at home when using the TSW, TSR or iPhone.”

You can see the GUI action at work here, or pick up the Lamina Theme to use on your own projects using VT Pro.

A huge congratulations again to the Ultamation team – we’re sure it won’t be too long before we’re celebrating another success for the team!