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Date: 12th February 2018

Ultamation Wins Fourth Creston EMEA Award

Ultamation are thrilled to announce that they have won their fourth Crestron EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Award.

ic2 tenant’s Ultamation have won The Most Unique Application (Residential) with their “Through the Looking Glass” solution; an amalgamation of touchpanel control, augmented reality and voice control to work in a residential or business environment.

Entitled “Crestron Through the Looking Glass”, Ultamation’s solution pushes the boundary of the traditional touch screen experience to one which, as the name suggests, you simply look through in order to control devices.  This opens the door to some exciting possibilities covering assisted living, aesthetics and usability, and a range of other unique possibilities.

Ultamation worked with The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) to create an augmented reality app which can be used to control connected devices in a smart home setting.  Although still only in a proof-of-concept stage, it provides a mechanism by which visual features around the home or workspace can be recognised through the camera of a device; these are then identified by the control system (in this case, Crestron) and pertinent information or controls can be displayed over the camera image.

Their demonstration system uses a simple floating menu system which, while tracking the features as the user moves the camera, provides interaction with the feature in display. So simply by looking at the TV, it offers relevant options for control, such as source selection or recently watched content, or a light fitting provides discrete control, or mood setting for the entire space.  A visual feature need not even physically be the thing you wish to control. A piece of artwork substitutes for the room’s environmental controls, removing on-wall clutter and leaving the aesthetics of the space undiminished by technology.

To see the concept in action against working Crestron installations click here.

For further updates and to hear the latest news on the imminent release on Android working with Crestron follow Ultamation on Twitter @ultamation.